George Beech – Chair

“In the immediate aftermath of Steven’s tragic and untimely death in Miami on 28th May 2018, I described him as being like a “Shooting Star” lighting up people’s lives with his amazing zest for life. I wanted to ensure that his Bright Light could continue to shine into all our lives and the idea for this foundation was born.
Our aim is for the foundation to work in promoting and supporting those things in life which were dear to his heart. I want to work with the trustees to ensure the foundation provides a truly fitting tribute to Steven, by assisting people in all the areas identified, in the years to come. I would wish for him to be proud of our efforts.”

Margaret Beech

“After Steven was so cruelly taken from us on 28th May, 2018, our family needed to find something concrete to focus on; hence The Foundation.
He was such a positive, genuine, helpful person and I was very proud of the man he became. He was full of life and lived life to the full! We adopted his mantra “Be Better!” and I know he would approve wholeheartedly. 
I hope we can “Be Better” by promoting some of the things that were close to his heart through The Foundation.”

Marilyn Lees – Secretary

“Steven was my older brother – we had a typical brother/sister relationship, but as we got older we became close friends (with the odd spat!) When I think about my brother I always think of his big smile and that look he would flash me that said “I am winding you up!” It was a no-brainer that I wanted to be involved in his foundation ensuring that he is not forgotten (as if he could be). I am extremely proud of what he achieved and want to ensure his legacy lives on.”

Elizabeth Ryan

“The first thing I heard from Steven was that booming, encompassing, full body laugh of his. He was sitting at the bar a few seats down from me, and I immediately had to turn and look to see who that laugh was coming from! The second thing I heard was his English accent – and, well, I was hooked. It’s impossible to describe Steven in a paragraph. He was larger than life, both physically and emotionally. I’d never met anyone who instantly made you a better person. And that’s what he did, he had the innate ability to bring out the best in everyone he met & everything he did.  Steven’s foundation mirrors this and through it he will be able to continue to help everyone “Be Better”. I am so honored and proud to have known him & to be able to evangelize his passions as a part of this foundation.”

Stephen Lees – Treasurer

“Steven was my Brother-in-law, but more importantly a close friend. There will always be a Beechy sized hole left in the lives of his friends and family. Steven was one of the most genuine sociable blokes I ever met, who was passionate about anything he had an interest in. I hope the work of the foundation will help make a positive difference to everyone involved and ensure some good comes from such a tragic event.”

Ben Keen

“I first met Steve when we were 4 years old and for the following 34 years he was on this planet I was proud to call him my best mate.  Steve was one of a kind and I aim to ensure the work of the foundation has a positive impact on the issues he was most passionate about while also helping friends and family to keep his memory alive.”

Craig Hoskins

“I first met Beechy when he strolled casually onto the school playing fields and interrupted an intense game of football between our two schools. I was 15 when he entered my life and he’s played a big part throughout, at varying times, spanning different decades and across many different time zones. He’s always been there for me, whenever I needed him, and it gives me a great deal of pride and honour to represent him as a trustee for the Steven Beech Foundation. Ste was selfless. His passion and support for those around him knew no bounds and now being given the opportunity to spread his energy while supporting interests close to his heart, it’s truly one of my life’s most proudest responsibilities. This Foundation gives everyone the opportunity to cherish the big lads memory in all that we do, and to assist those around the world who are either less fortunate or less able is a true reflection on Steven himself. I know he’ll be smiling, watching the positive impact this foundation will have on so many.”

Peter Luxton

“Steven’s untimely death has saddened everyone who knew him. Having watched him grow from birth into a fine young man, I am proud to be part of this foundation and the causes which will benefit. Helping others was always central to Steven’s character and he would be proud to know that he leaves a ‘Be Better’ legacy.”

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