Rufus the welfare dog

The Foundation is now contributing to the costs of Rufus, the Baines School Welfare Dog. Steven attended Baines School between 1990 and 1997.

We are delighted to share the heartwarming story of Rufus, the welfare dog at Baines School, and the charity that supports him.

Rufus is a much-loved member of the school community, providing comfort and companionship to students. As a welfare dog, Rufus plays an essential role in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety, and building relationships.

But caring for Rufus is no small task, and that’s where the charity comes in. Thanks to the generous support of donors, the Foundation provides vital funding and resources to ensure that Rufus receives the care and attention he needs.

The charity’s support allows Rufus to thrive and continue his important work at Baines School. But the charity’s impact goes beyond just one dog – by supporting Rufus, they are helping to promote the wellbeing of an entire school community.

Rufus is used widely in the school and has a very positive impact on pupils. Rufus works predominantly with children who are experiencing social and emotional difficulties, as well as supporting nurture students.


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