Be Better Sports Prize

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative aimed at encouraging and rewarding students who show improvement in their sporting activities. The Steven Beech “Be Better” Prize for improvement in sporting activities, at Baines School where Steven attended between 1990 and 1997

The prize will be awarded to students who demonstrate a significant improvement in their sporting skills and abilities over the course of the academic year. We believe that recognising and celebrating progress is just as important as recognizing raw talent or achievement, and we want to encourage every student to strive for their personal best. Not only will the prize motivate students to work harder and improve their physical fitness, but it will also serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to their peers.

The prize is to be awarded to a pupil from years 7-10, along with an inscribed trophy to be held for twelve months. The first award will be at the school prize presentation on Thursday 6th July 2023, appropriately Steven’s birthday.

We are proud to support the Be Better Sports Prize and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the Baines students.

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